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Monthly Archives: March 2021


Have You Been Contacted by a Private Debt Collector About Your Taxes?

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

In 2017, the IRS began using private debt collectors to recover certain overdue federal debts from taxpayers. There are, however, only a few debt collectors that are actually allowed to collect debts on behalf of the federal government and those that are permitted to do so are required to comply with a strict set… Read More »


Tips for Small Businesses When Filing Employment Tax Returns

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

There are two forms commonly used by small businesses when filing employment tax returns, one of which requires the payment of employment taxes on a quarterly basis, while the other involves payment once a year. The two forms aren’t interchangeable and taxpayers should be sure to always file according to their designated requirement, or… Read More »


Challenging the IRS

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Taxpayers have a number of different rights when it comes to dealing with the IRS, one of which is the right to challenge the agency’s decisions. This right can prove crucial in helping taxpayers avoid unfair decisions and penalties. How a person goes about exercising this right, however, may vary depending on his or… Read More »