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Fort Lauderdale IRS Lien Attorney

Owing a debt to a person or company is always stressful. When the agency you owe a debt to is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), things become much more grave. The IRS has many tools at their disposal to try and recover tax debt, and using a lien is just one of them. The IRS defines a lien as the government’s legal right to file a claim against the property of a taxpayer when that individual has failed to pay their tax debt.

The government may place a lien on your home, financial assets, and other personal property. If the IRS places a lien on your real property, such as your home, you cannot refinance it or sell it until the lien is lifted. Regardless of the type of lien used, it will cause you a great deal of stress. Our Fort Lauderdale IRS lien attorney can help make things easier.

The Consequences of an IRS Lien

After the IRS has determined the amount of taxes you owe, along with the interest and fees you have incurred, the agency must inform you of the debt. If you fail to pay it after that time, the IRS then has the right to place a lien on your property. Federal liens come with many different consequences. Not only will you be unable to transfer your home in any manner, including refinancing or selling, but you may also be ineligible for new loans or credit cards.

For many people, the financial burden is too great and they end up filing for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, federal liens are not always dischargeable in bankruptcy, so even afterwards you may find you are still carrying the lien.

Avoiding or Remedying a Lien

Financially speaking, having a lien placed on your property is one of the worst things that could happen to you. You can avoid a lien being placed on your property by filing your taxes every year, and paying your tax debt when it is due. Unfortunately, what seems the most straightforward way to avoid a lien is not always the easiest, particularly when you do not have the funds to pay your tax debt.

If a lien is placed on the property, you will want to remove it as quickly as possible. A tax attorney can advise on the different ways to do that. You may have many options available to you such as discharging the property that has a lien, subordination, and withdrawal. Of course, if you have recently experienced a windfall, such as receiving an inheritance, you can also pay the total amount of debt you owe and the IRS will remove the lien.

Call Our IRS Lien Attorney in Fort Lauderdale Today

Having a lien placed on your property is incredibly stressful, but our Fort Lauderdale IRS lien attorney can help. At Ronald Cutler, P.A., our seasoned attorney has a long history of helping taxpayers avoid the harsh consequences of the IRS, and he will put that experience to work for you, too. Call us now at 386-490-9949 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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