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Does Your Business Qualify For A Tax Payment Plan?

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Individual taxpayers aren’t the only ones who could benefit from entering into a payment plan agreement with the IRS. Businesses, for instance, that owe a debt to the IRS, could be eligible for long-term plans to help them pay off what they owe over time. Read on to learn more about whether your own… Read More »


What To Know About Tax Penalties

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Taxpayers who can’t meet their tax obligations could end up owing a penalty to the IRS. Fortunately, taxpayers can avoid this by entering into a payment plan or installment agreement and paying their debt off over time. To learn more about how to avoid incurring hefty tax penalties, reach out to our legal team… Read More »


Planning Your Retirement With An IRA

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

There are a lot of ways to plan for retirement. One of the most common, however, is to invest in an Individual Retirement Arrangement, or an IRA. These kinds of accounts provide tax incentives for making investments that can help provide financial security later on in life. IRAs can be held by a bank,… Read More »


What Businesses Should Know About Backup Withholding And Reporting Non-Employee Compensation

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Companies that hire independent contractors aren’t usually responsible for withholding income taxes, Social Security, or Medicare taxes from the pay of those individuals. They are, however, still required to report non-employee compensation of $600 or more to the IRS, using Form 1099-NEC. These forms must usually be submitted by January 31st every year. Where… Read More »


Claiming Business-Related Travel Deductions

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

As anyone who has to travel for work knows, doing so can be expensive. The cost of hotels, airfare, rental cars, food, and ride share services can all quickly add up. The good news is that taxpayers who travel for business are often able to off-set some of those costs by claiming business travel… Read More »


Victims Of Flooding In Missouri And Kentucky Eligible For Tax Relief

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Storm victims in parts of Missouri and Kentucky who have been affected by flooding are now eligible for tax relief and as a result, have until November 15th to file their tax returns and make payments. Read on to learn more about who qualifies for disaster-related tax relief. Designated Disaster Areas The IRS is… Read More »


Tax Tips For Divorcing Couples

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

When married couples go through a legal separation or divorce, their change in relationship status could end up affecting their tax situation. Couples who share children, for instance, will need to determine who will claim those children as dependents on their tax returns. Newly divorced couples will also need to consider their new filing… Read More »


Tax Reporting Required For Foreign Accounts And Assets

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

U.S. citizens, resident aliens, and some nonresident aliens are required to report certain kinds of foreign financial assets on their yearly tax returns if the value of those assets exceeds specific thresholds. Fulfilling this obligation often requires the completion of a lot of paperwork and compliance with numerous deadlines. If you are unsure about… Read More »


Correcting Your Tax Return Electronically

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Even the most careful taxpayer could end up making a mistake when preparing or submitting a tax return. Fortunately, it is possible to amend one’s return without incurring any penalties. In fact, one of the best ways to do so is online. Recently, the IRS opened this option up to even more tax return-related… Read More »


Applying For An Individual Tax Payment Plan

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Qualified taxpayers who cannot pay what they owe to the IRS can apply for a payment plan that allows them to pay off their balance over time. The types of payment options that are available to a taxpayer will depend on his or her specific tax situation. For instance, payment options could include full… Read More »