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Fort Lauderdale Tax Court Appearances Attorney

Tax season is one that most people dread. Doing your taxes is very complicated and you do not want to have to deal with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) any more than necessary. You may be worried that once you complete your taxes, you will owe money, or you may be concerned about the penalties you may face. It is a situation you may want to avoid, but doing so is never recommended. You may not think that having your taxes amended or rejected by the IRS is a big deal, but it is. A Fort Lauderdale tax court appearances attorney can prepare a defense to present at a court hearing.

Types of IRS Tax Notices You May Receive

If the IRS has made changes to your tax return, or has rejected your return, they will send you a notice. After receiving this notice, you have the right to take the matter to the U.S. Tax Court and appeal the changes. The type of notice you receive may be one of the following:

  • Notice of deficiency: If you have been audited, the IRS may send you a notice of deficiency to inform you of the changes that have been made, or that the IRS intends to make, to your return. Common changes the IRS makes include increasing the amount of income claimed and disallowing certain deductions. The changes will usually increase the amount of tax debt you are responsible for, and could result in the IRS taking legal action against you.
  • Notice of determination: If you owe tax debt, the IRS may send you a notice of determination to inform you of any legal action they are planning on taking against you.

It is important to speak to a lawyer who can help you prepare a defense after receiving either of the above notices. If you are unsuccessful with your defense, the IRS may garnish your wages, levy your bank account, or take other action that will hurt you.

Negotiations Can Help You Avoid a Court Appearance

If you wish to appeal your decision in the U.S. Tax Court, you must file a petition with the court. After filing this petition, you are protected from any further legal action from the IRS until your court hearing. Many people do not know how to represent themselves in court, or how to prepare a defense. A lawyer will be able to represent you during your hearing, but an attorney may also negotiate an agreement with the IRS before the appearance date. In this case, you can reach a favorable resolution without the need for going to court.

Call Our Tax Court Appearances Attorney in Fort Lauderdale Today

If you have received a notice from the IRS, you need sound legal advice. At Ronald Cutler, P.A., our Fort Lauderdale tax court appearances attorney can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf and represent you during a court appearance, if necessary. Call us now at 386-490-9949 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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