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Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in any capacity is always stressful. If you cannot pay your taxes or you have a dispute with the IRS, it will make things even more difficult. Going up against the IRS is difficult, particularly when you do it on your own. There may also be remedies available in your case that can reduce the financial burden you may face. Our Fort Lauderdale tax & IRS attorney explains the issues we can help with, and the options that may be available.

Tax and IRS Issues We Handle

Tax issues are some of the most complex. These issues are governed by both state and federal law, and those laws are not only always changing, but they are very detailed and confusing. That can result in disputes, misunderstandings, and mistakes. Some of the most common tax and IRS issues our attorneys handle include:

  • Bank levies: After sending you notice that you owe taxes and still not receiving payment, the IRS may place a levy on your bank account. That will allow them to withdraw money from your bank account until the total amount is paid.
  • Wage garnishments: Like bank levies, the IRS has the authority to garnish your wages, also known as a wage levy, if you have failed to pay your taxes.
  • Liens: The IRS may also place a lien on your personal property or assets if you have tax debt that is not yet paid. Once the lien is placed, the IRS then has legal claim to that property, not you, so you cannot take certain actions, such as selling or refinancing your home.
  • Tax return preparation: People who are not tax experts are at risk of making certain mistakes when preparing their taxes. Sometimes, the IRS may view those innocent errors as violations of the law, leaving you potentially facing civil or criminal penalties.

Solutions to Tax Issues

If you have tax debt you cannot pay, it may feel like a hopeless situation. Fortunately, it is not. There are legal remedies available, and they are as follows:

  • Currently not collectible status: You can apply to the IRS for currently not collectible status, which will shield you from legal actions such as bank levies and wage garnishments. You will be responsible for paying the debt in the future, but this option can provide temporary relief.
  • Installment agreements: The IRS may agree to accept a certain amount every month from you until the entire debt is paid.
  • Offers in compromise: The IRS may be willing to settle your debt for a smaller amount than what you currently owe. This is known as an offer in compromise.

A tax lawyer can advise on which option is best for you after fully reviewing your case.

Our Tax & IRS Attorney in Fort Lauderdale Can Advise of the Solutions Available

If you have a tax issue, do not try to handle it on your own. At Ronald Cutler, P.A., our Fort Lauderdale tax & IRS attorney can advise on the options available and handle every aspect of your case depending on the one that is right for you. Call us now at 386-490-9949 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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