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Jacksonville IRS Installment Agreement Attorney

While some people are entitled to tax refunds each year, many of us end up having to actually pay money to the IRS. Unfortunately, falling behind in these payments can have a snowball effect. Once high-interest rates and penalty fees are applied, it can be impossible to ever get caught up. To prevent the IRS from taking legal actions to collect on your debt, our Jacksonville installment agreement attorneys can help you negotiate payments that fit within your budget.

With over 50 years of experience as a licensed attorney, Certified Public Accountant, and former Special Agent for the FBI investigating tax cases, you can trust Ronald Cutler, P.A. to act as a strong legal advocate on your side. To find out how we can help you reduce your tax debts and avoid penalties, contact our Jacksonville IRS installment agreement attorneys today.

Are You Having Trouble Paying Taxes to the IRS?

According to data from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), close to 15 million Americans owe money on their tax returns. Along with current tax debts, past due taxes, interest, and penalties that apply total more than $100 billion dollars. While many people attempt to avoid paying the IRS, ignoring your debt and the notices you receive only puts you farther behind. It can also result in harsh collection actions as well, including:

  • Levies on any funds you have in bank accounts;
  • Liens on your home, cars, or other property;
  • Garnishment of your wages;
  • Seizure of future tax refunds and other benefits you may be owed.

To prevent these and other types of penalties, get our legal team at Ronald Cutler, P.C. on your side. Our experienced Jacksonville installment agreement attorneys can put a stop to any legal actions you are currently facing while negotiating a payment plan for you with the IRS at a price you can afford.

An IRS Installment Agreement May Be Your Best Option

Owing money to the IRS can be a nightmare. Paying off the amount in one lump sum can spare you any future hassles and reduces the interest you pay. However, in the majority of cases, this is not an option. With decades of experience as a Certified Public Accountant and tax attorney, Ronald Cutler provides the trusted guidance you need in negotiating an IRS installment agreement. Steps we take on your behalf include:

  • Thoroughly review the details surrounding your case, including your current tax debts, any unfiled tax returns, and any notices you may have received from the IRS.
  • Determine the exact amount owed and any interest or penalty fees that are likely to apply.
  • Negotiate terms of your payment plan with the IRS, which may include getting them to agree to more flexible terms and waive certain penalties, reducing your payments and the overall amount you owe.

Contact Us Today for Help

To ensure you get an installment agreement that fits within your budget, get Ronald Cutler, P.A. on your side. To schedule a free consultation, reach out and contact our Jacksonville installment agreement attorneys today.

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