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Jacksonville IRS Offers In Compromise Attorney

Taxes you owe to the IRS can quickly add up to large amounts of money. Even on a payment plan, it may be impossible to ever get caught up. If you are facing this type of troubling situation, our Jacksonville IRS Offers In Compromise attorneys are here to help.

With over 50 years’ of experience as a licensed attorney, Certified Public Accountant, and former Special Agent for the FBI investigating tax cases, Ronald Cutler, P.A. helps clients eliminate tax debts. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to negotiate an Offer In Compromise, reducing the total amount you owe.

IRS Offers In Compromise-Reduce Your Tax Debts

According to the latest Tax Data books, the Internal Revenue Service processed more than 253 million tax returns in 2019, collecting more than $3.5 trillion dollars in taxes. Those who fail to pay their taxes or have years of back taxes owed can expect the IRS to be aggressive in tax collection efforts, which wage levies and property liens.

Unfortunately, heavy penalty fees and high-interest rates only increase the amount of taxes you owe, making repayment nearly impossible. As an experienced Jacksonville tax attorney, Ronald Cutler, P.A. provides the legal help you need.

We can review your case to determine whether you are eligible for IRS Offers In Compromise. This significantly reduces tax debt, allowing you to pay far less than the total amount owed. It can also help avoid any IRS collection actions you may be facing. Situations where we may be able to negotiate IRS Offers in Compromise for you include:

  • When there is a dispute with the IRS over your tax returns and any current or past due amounts you owe.
  • When tax debts are significant enough that there is serious doubt as to whether you would ever be able to pay;
  • When payment plans or other attempts to collect the tax would impose an undue hardship on the taxpayer.

Get Our Jacksonville IRS Offers In Compromise Attorneys on Your Side

When requesting Offers in Compromise, there are unique facts in your case that the IRS will consider. This includes your income, expenses, and any assets you own, as well as whether the appropriate forms and other documents were submitted. To increase your chances of getting your tax debt reduced through an Offer in Compromise, get Ronald Cutler, P.A. on your side.  Actions our experienced Jacksonville tax attorneys can take on your behalf include;

  • Thoroughly reviewing your case and verifying the amounts owed;
  • Addressing IRS correspondence you received and any pending collection actions;
  • Gathering the appropriate information needed to request IRS Offers In Compromise;
  • Negotiating with the IRS on your behalf to ensure any offer fits within your budget and is for the least amount possible.

Contact Us Today for a Consultation

Offers In Compromise can reduce your tax debts and prevent the IRS from taking collection actions against you. To determine whether this is an option in your case, call or contact our Jacksonville tax attorneys online and request a consultation today.

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