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Jacksonville Sales Tax Protest & Appeals Attorney 

Business owners have an obligation to collect sales tax in Jacksonville and to submit it to the state. If they fail to do so or if there is a dispute over the amount paid, they could face serious criminal and civil penalties. To ensure your business and your rights are protected, get our Jacksonville sales tax protest & appeals attorneys on your side.

As a licensed attorney, Certified Public Accountant, and former Special Agent for the FBI investigating tax cases, Ronald Cutler, P.A. relies on his more than 50 years’ worth of experience in representing clients. For help with sales tax assessments, protests, and appeals issues, contact our Jacksonville office today.

Problems With Sales Tax Assessments In Jacksonville?

One of the most common types of tax disputes concerns sales tax assessments. As an experienced Jacksonville sales tax protect and appeals attorney, Ronald Cutler can help ensure your business sales tax obligations are assessed properly. There are several steps involved in determining the amount you owe. The first is an audit through the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR). After that, there is the notice of intent to make audit changes, the notice of proposed assessment (NOPA), and the actual assessment itself.

As an experienced Jacksonville tax attorney, Ronald Cutler can guide you through each stage. In the event you disagree with the amount of sales tax proposed in the NOPA or the actual assessment, you have the right to protest it. There are three available options:

  1. File a written informal protest with the DOR: This should include a copy of the assessment, a statement of factual and legal grounds for the objection, and any factual issues you are contesting.
  2. File a written formal protest filed with the Division of Administrative Hearing (DOAH) or the circuit court: This should also include a statement of the facts and the laws that apply, any disputed issues, and notices of prior agency decisions made in your case.
  3. File an appeal through the District Court: If your case is not resolved through informal or formal protests, you have the right to appeal the matter in the appropriate district court.

Your Rights and Obligations In Sales Tax Protests and Appeals

Getting an accurate assessment is important, particularly if you are facing high sales tax payments. In many cases, our Jacksonville sales tax protest and appeals attorneys can help reduce the amount you are required to pay.

We can also help if you are struggling with meeting your current sales tax obligation. Not paying the appropriate amount of sales tax owed could be considered Theft of State Funds. Under the Florida Statutes, these charges carry serious civil and criminal penalties. To protect yourself against liability, reach out to Jacksonville tax attorney Ronald Cutler today.

Contact Us Today for Professional Help

Attorney Ronald Cutler, P.A. can identify ways to reduce sales tax while protecting you against penalties for non-payment. To request a free consultation, call or contact our Jacksonville sales tax protest and appeals attorneys online today.

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