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Jacksonville Wage Garnishment Attorney

There is no getting around your obligation to local, state, and federal authorities. Not filing yearly tax returns or not paying any current amounts owed could result in serious penalties. This includes having the IRS or other tax agencies seize money from your paycheck. To prevent this from happening, reach out to our Jacksonville wage garnishment attorney.

As a licensed attorney, Certified Public Accountant, and former Special Agent for the FBI investigating tax cases with over 50 years of experience, Ronald Cutler, P.A. can take the swift legal actions needed to avoid wage garnishment. To discuss your current situation and how we can help, contact our Jacksonville office today.

Our Jacksonville Wage Garnishment Attorneys Provide the Professional Legal Help You Need

State and federal tax agencies have broad authority in dealing with taxpayers. When past-due tax debts are not paid, they will not hesitate in taking the actions needed to collect. This may include garnishing your wages, which the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) refers to as a wage levy. Unfortunately, once they do take this step, the amount of income they pull from your paycheck may not allow enough left over to meet your daily living expenses.

As an experienced Jacksonville wage garnishment attorney, Ronald Cutler, P.A. is here to help in these situations. We provide the professional legal representation needed to protect you against wage garnishment, which may occur in the following situations:

  • When you owe money on your current year tax returns;
  • When you have past due tax debts;
  • When you fail to keep up with payment agreements;
  • When you have years of unfiled tax returns.

Protecting You Against Wage Garnishment

Unless you have the money to pay tax debts immediately, the amount you owe will incur high-interest rates and outrageous penalty fees. These can inflate the original total to the point where it becomes impossible to pay off. Even if you make payment arrangements, the amount required could interfere with your other financial obligations. Stopping payments is not an option, as it will result in additional collection actions.

Under the Florida Statutes, wage garnishment may be enacted against paychecks you receive from employers. If you are self-employed or own your own business, the IRS and other tax entities may garnish any payments that you are due from your clients. Our Jacksonville wage garnishment attorneys can take the following actions to protect you in this situation:

  • Reviewing your tax returns to determine if the amount owed is correct;
  • Reviewing correspondence you received from the IRS or other tax entities, to ensure the proper procedures were followed;
  • Negotiating payment arrangements that fit within your budget to prevent wage garnishment;
  • Exploring options, such as IRS offers in compromise, that can stop wage garnishment while reducing the amount you owe.

Let Us Help You Today

Wage garnishment is a serious matter. Ronald Cutler, P.A takes the actions needed to protect you. To request a free consultation, reach out and call or contact our Jacksonville wage garnishment attorneys online today.

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