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Any individual or entity that owes taxes and fails to make payments or to set up a payment plan or deferment with the IRS can ultimately be subject to a tax lien. The IRS can make a legal claim against the property of an individual or entity that owes a tax debt that has gone unpaid. The lien allows the IRS and the federal government to stake an interest in property that may include real property, personal tangible property, and intangible property. If you have outstanding tax debt, it is important to take steps to avoid a tax lien, and a lawyer can help you. If you have received a notice that the IRS intends to place a lien on your property, or if there is already a lien on your property that you wish to have removed, you should seek assistance from a Naples IRS lien attorney as soon as possible.

What is an IRS Lien

An IRS lien, which may be described as an IRS tax lien or more simply a tax lien, is a legal claim against property for tax debt owed. Different types of liens exist for various forms of debt. To be clear, not all liens are tax liens, but liens placed by the IRS are typically in response to an individual or business owing tax debt. In placing a lien, the IRS in effect turns your property into collateral for the tax debt you owe. If you want to sell the property or refinance it, you will need to pay the tax debt owed. In some cases, it may be possible for a lienholder to have certain types of real property sold to pay off the lien. IRS liens are one particular type of lien that can result in property sales (also known as tax sales when the IRS is the lienholder) in order to pay off the lien. Certain liens are known as priority liens, meaning that particular lienholders will be paid first over other lienholders. Tax liens usually have priority over any other type of lien.

There are many potential consequences to an IRS lien. IRS liens are public, and they can impact your credit and finances. When you have an IRS lien, your current and future property will be affected. You may be unable to get approved for credit when you have an IRS lien, as well.

Removing an IRS Lien

There are multiple ways you may be able to remove an IRS lien. First, you can pay the tax debt you owe. As soon as you have paid your tax debt, the tax lien can be released in 30 days’ time. If you are unable to pay your existing tax debt in full but need to remove the lien in order to buy or sell assets, to obtain credit, or to prepare for a bankruptcy case, you will need to consider alternate options. You may be able to sell assets to pay your tax debt. If you need to obtain a loan, you may be able to consider tax lien subordination, which will not remove the lien but will allow another creditor to take priority over the IRS.

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