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Orlando Federal Tax Return Preparation Attorney

Filing and paying your taxes is never an enjoyable experience, but doing so can keep you from incurring fines, penalties, and tax audits. A simple mistake in your filing could result in significant penalties, while not understanding what deductions are legally available to you could also cost you. Make sure your IRS tax filing is correct by retaining an experienced Orlando federal tax return preparation attorney.

At the law office of Ronald Cutler, P.A., we have over four decades of experience helping Orlando residents file their IRS tax returns. We make sure your rights are protected and that your filing is in your best interest. We can assist you with both current year filings, as well as past years’ returns. Our goal is to help you avoid time-consuming and potentially costly mistakes that could result in trouble with the IRS. Owing money to the IRS could put your financial future at risk. By retaining our office to assist you, we will ensure you comply with all tax codes, and your filing is as painless and problem-free as possible.

How Our Orlando Florida and Federal Tax Return Attorneys Can Help

Before you file your tax returns, you must be certain that all the information entered is correct and complies with IRS Tax Code regulations and rules. Failure to comply with codes or file on time could result in severe legal penalties. The IRS could garnish your wages, file a lien against your property, or levy your bank accounts. In addition, you are almost certain to be facing an in-depth audit. When you hire the law office of Ronald Cutler, P.A., we can help you with many tax-related services, including:

  • Individual tax preparation services;
  • Tax preparation services for business owners;
  • Self-employment taxes;
  • Payroll tax services;
  • Estate and trust tax filings;
  • Tax planning services;
  • Local and state tax assistance; and
  • Representation for IRS matters related to filing back taxes and other tax issues.

If you have a tax issue that is not listed here, it doesn’t mean we cannot assist you. Contact us to inquire about our services and learn more about how we can help resolve your immediate IRS tax needs.

What to Do Before Filing Taxes

Before you file your taxes, you want to take the necessary steps that the IRS suggests. You must get copies of your receipts for any expenses you are claiming. If you received notices from the IRS for prior filings, you need those as well. Be cautious of the companies out there who promise to resolve your tax liability through illegal methods. There is a lot at stake with tax liability. Don’t trust your future to a tax scam. Retain a reputable Orlando tax preparation attorney to assist you.

Contact an Orlando Federal Tax Preparation Attorney Today

When you need assistance with tax filing, or you have other tax issues, our Orlando federal tax preparation attorneys will be there. Contact the law office of Ronald Cutler, P.A. today to schedule a consultation. We will help you with all the necessary steps and ensure your tax filings are correct.

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