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Orlando IRS Liens Attorney

When you fail to file your taxes or haven’t paid the amount owed, you now owe a debt to the government. One of the options the Internal Revenue Service uses to collect this debt is by asserting a lien against you. As defined by the IRS, a lien is the government’s legal claim against your property when you fail or neglect to pay your tax debt timely. A lien is one of the most effective methods the government uses to assert its rights and protect its interest. This means they can place a lien on numerous property types, including your home, financial assets, and even personal property. If there is a valid lien against property you own, then you cannot refinance it or sell it without first resolving it.

If the IRS has placed a lien on your property due to back taxes, you need an experienced Orlando IRS liens attorney on your side. At the law office of Ronald Cutler, P.A., we have over 50 years of experience helping Florida clients resolve a myriad of tax issues. We are here to guide you through this challenging process and help you resolve your tax debt and get your property unencumbered again.

How the IRS Lien Process Works

A tax lien can exist against you once the IRS has determined how much you owe in back taxes, fees, and interest. You will first receive a notice of how much is owed. Failure to acknowledge the notices and pay your debt to the IRS will result in the government taking whatever action is necessary to collect it. Liens can certainly bring added stress to your life, and they can impact your financial health. The government can attach liens to all your property, even your business assets. If you file bankruptcy, a federal lien will not be discharged either.

How to Remedy or Avoid a Lien

The easiest way to avoid a lien is to file your taxes on time and make sure they are accurate. You need to pay all money owed or make payment arrangements, which will keep the IRS from initiating collection activities. Being proactive in resolving your taxes will also reduce penalties and interest that are accruing.

In the event you can’t avoid the lien, then the next best thing is to resolve it as soon as possible. The main ways to rid yourself of a lien or at least reduce its impact are to pay the debt in full, discharge of property, subordination, or withdrawal.

How Can an Experienced Orlando IRS Tax Lien Attorney Help?

When you retain an attorney that handles IRS and tax-related issues, you’re getting the benefit of a legal advocate who has specific experience. IRS tax liens can be complicated, which is why you need an attorney who understands the IRS tax codes and regulations. At the law office of Ronald Cutler, P.A., we have the necessary skills and experience to help you resolve your current tax issues. Contact our office today to schedule a case evaluation. Let us put our 50+ years of experience to work for you so you can take back your financial power and escape the hold of the IRS.

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