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If you do not pay your taxes, you can end up with a tax lien. What is a tax lien? According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a federal tax lien is defined as the government’s claim against your property when you do not pay a tax debt. The lien is designed to protect the government’s interest in your property. Under federal law, the IRS can place a tax lien on your property after it assesses your tax liability, sends you a Notice and Demand for payment (i.e., your tax bill), and you do not pay the tax bill. At that point, the IRS will then file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien, which will inform all of your creditors that the government retains a right to your property.

If you have received notice of a tax lien, or if you need help avoiding or getting rid of a tax lien, you should get in touch with one of the experienced Tampa liens attorney at our firm as soon as possible.

How to Get Rid of a Tampa Tax Lien 

If you have a tax lien, what are your options for getting rid of it? Generally speaking, the easiest way to get rid of a tax lien is to pay your tax debt. Once you have paid your tax debt in full, you can have the lien released within 30 days. If you cannot pay the tax debt in full, other options may be available to get rid of the lien, such as:

  • Discharge of property, which is only possible for specific property;
  • Subordination, which does not actually get rid of the lien but can allow “other creditors to move ahead of the IRS” and can be helpful to debtors who are seeking a mortgage or another type of loan;
  • Withdrawal, which removes the public notice of Federal Tax Lien but you still owe the tax debt.

Effects of a Tax Lien in Tampa, Florida

When you have a federal tax lien on your property, it can affect you in a variety of ways. First, the federal tax lien will attach to all of your assets, as well as to any future assets you acquire. You will not be able to sell or liquidate any of your assets and keep the profits when you have a tax lien. A tax lien can also significantly affect your ability to be approved for credit. And if you file for bankruptcy, the tax lien ultimately can impact your bankruptcy case. 

Seek Advice from a Tampa Tax Liens Lawyer

If you are facing a tax lien or need assistance getting rid of a lien, an experienced Tampa, FL tax lien attorney can speak with you today about your options. While the best option when you owe taxes is to get them paid as quickly as possible, we recognize that situations are often beyond the control of individuals and businesses. Yet owing taxes can result in serious complications for your family or your business. Our firm can help you to handle a tax lien. Contact Ronald Cutler, P.A. to learn more about our services.

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