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Tampa Tax Court Appearance Attorney

Tax law is extremely complicated, and many individuals and businesses make errors when they are paying taxes or filing their tax returns. Many of those mistakes are unintentional and are not a result of intentional fraud. In other situations, taxpayers might have failed to file taxes in previous years out of concern for the money they would owe, while other individual and business taxpayers have properly filed taxes but have avoided making payments to the IRS. Or, perhaps you were audited and you disagree with the result. And in yet other scenarios, taxpayers might receive notices of the IRS’s intention to place a levy or lien on property for back taxes or to take other actions that come as a surprise to the taxpayer.

Whenever there is a tax dispute, it may be possible to resolve it in the United States Tax Court. If you need to go before a judge in the U.S. Tax Court, it is essential to have an experienced Tampa Tax Court appearance attorney on your side to help you win your case.

What is a US Tax Court Appearance?

The U.S. Tax Court is a judicial forum through which taxpayers can litigate federal tax disputes. You should know that it is critical to have a lawyer on your side who has experience handling federal tax cases in the U.S. Tax Court because this forum has its own distinct rules and procedures that must be followed.

US Tax Court Case Can Be Heard Before You Must Pay Penalties

One of the major benefits of litigating your tax dispute in the U.S. Tax Court is that you will not typically be required to pay tax penalties or interest before a judge hears your case. 

De Novo Review in the U.S. Tax Court

Another one of the important benefits of filing a claim in the U.S. Tax Court is that your case will be heard de novo. This is a standard of review that means the U.S. Tax Court judge will look at your case anew or fresh, and will not need to consider only the evidence that was presented in a previous venue. This standard of review is critical to understand because, even if you did not have a lawyer representing you previously with experience preparing a tax dispute for the U.S. Tax Court, you will be able to hire a Tampa tax lawyer with years of experience trying cases in the U.S. Tax Court who can present new and necessary evidence in your case.

Contact a Tampa Tax Lawyer About Your US Tax Court Appearance

If you are facing a tax dispute for almost any reason, and the IRS has informed you that you owe taxes, interest, or penalties, you may be able to have your tax dispute resolved in the U.S. Tax Court. However, it is critical to keep in mind that federal tax law is incredibly complicated, and you should not try to handle the case on your own. Whether you are an individual taxpayer or a business, one of the experienced and dedicated US Tax Court appearances attorneys in Tampa at our firm can begin working with you on your case. Contact Ronald Cutler, P.A. for more information about obtaining representation in your tax dispute and in the U.S. Tax Court.

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