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What To Do If You Still Have Tax-Related Concerns After April 18


Although tax season has finally ended for most taxpayers, many people must still deal with tax-related matters, such as requesting an extension, amending a tax return, or providing the IRS with additional information. Unfortunately, these types of after-tax-day issues can be difficult to resolve, so if you have questions about these or any other tax-related matters, it is critical to speak with an experienced tax attorney who can address your concerns.

Late Filing

Sometimes, despite their best efforts, taxpayers are not able to file their tax returns by the deadline. Fortunately, there is no penalty for filing a late return, unless the taxpayer also failed to pay any taxes by April 18. The penalties and interests that begin to accrue for those who make late payments can be substantial, so it is important for any late filers to contact a tax lawyer who can help them avoid the worst of the fines.

Responding to an IRS Letter

When the IRS has questions about certain issues, it sends an official letter to the taxpayer. This includes concerns about the following matters:

  • An overdue balance;
  • An error on a tax return;
  • Verification of a taxpayer’s identity;
  • Request for additional information;
  • Notification of a delay in processing a tax return;
  • Changes made to a taxpayer’s return; and
  • Questions regarding a refund amount.

Some of these issues are relatively straightforward and can be easily resolved. Others, however, are more complex and may require a series of responses and the submission of specific information. For instance, failing to respond to a notice requesting additional information by a certain date can lead to higher penalties and the loss of the right to appeal.

Making a Payment

If a taxpayer owes taxes, but is unsure of the amount, he or she can view the balance and pay the IRS directly online. Those who are unable to pay immediately have the option of applying for an online payment agreement, which could include:

  • Making monthly installments;
  • Applying for an offer in compromise; or
  • Requesting a temporary extension.

Prior to accessing a tax account online, however, the taxpayer will need to authenticate his or her identity through the Secure Access process.

Amending a Tax Return

Tax season is a stressful time and it is not uncommon for a taxpayer to make a minor error on his or her return. While small mistakes are usually corrected by the IRS, taxpayers will need to file an amended tax return if they need to change their filing status, correct their income, or recalculate deductions. In addition to sending in an amended return, taxpayers may need to comply with IRS requests for missing documents or additional information.

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