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Do I Need A Tax Transcript?

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Taxpayers who need to verify their identity or provide proof of income could benefit from a tax transcript, which shows a wide range of tax-related information. The type of transcript that a person needs, however, will depend on the exact information he or she is looking for, so if you need help accessing your… Read More »


Recent Changes To Retirement Plan Distribution Rules

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Under the federal tax code, retirement plan account owners are usually required to begin taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) when they turn 70 and one-half or 72 years old, depending on their birth date and when they retired. Not all retirement plans require RMDs, but many do, including traditional employee pensions and 401(k) plans…. Read More »


Tips For Avoiding An IRS Tax Audit

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Tax audits can be time-consuming and stressful, so it’s in most of our best interests to avoid them when possible. Although there’s no way to guarantee that you won’t be audited, taking certain simple steps can significantly reduce your odds of review. If, however, you have already received notice of an impending audit, you… Read More »


Have You Been Contacted by a Private Debt Collector About Your Taxes?

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

In 2017, the IRS began using private debt collectors to recover certain overdue federal debts from taxpayers. There are, however, only a few debt collectors that are actually allowed to collect debts on behalf of the federal government and those that are permitted to do so are required to comply with a strict set… Read More »


Challenging the IRS

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Taxpayers have a number of different rights when it comes to dealing with the IRS, one of which is the right to challenge the agency’s decisions. This right can prove crucial in helping taxpayers avoid unfair decisions and penalties. How a person goes about exercising this right, however, may vary depending on his or… Read More »


Paying Deferred Employee Taxes

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Last year, due to the economic difficulties that accompanied the coronavirus, many businesses were given the option to defer paying certain employee taxes until the end of 2021. To learn more about this extended filing period and how it could help you with your own employment-related taxes, please reach out to our experienced Florida… Read More »


Common Estate and Gift Tax Questions

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Gift taxes apply to transfers of property, money, and assets that are made by a person during his or her lifetime. Estate taxes, on the other hand, apply to large inheritances left to an heir upon a person’s death. The overhaul to the tax code that took place in 2017 made some significant changes… Read More »


Alimony Payments Could Affect Your Taxes

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

It is not uncommon for many of those who go through divorce to forget about the tax-related repercussions of ending a marriage. While this is completely understandable, especially in the context of a divorce, it can have dire consequences for the parties later on. Alimony payments, for instance, can affect the tax situation of… Read More »


Why Was My Refund Reduced?

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

When submitting their tax returns, most people are able to calculate, with a relative degree of certainty, how much they can expect to receive in a tax refund. These amounts, however, are not absolute and are actually subject to change by the IRS. For instance, when issuing refunds, the IRS is authorized to reduce… Read More »


The Tax Repercussions of Closing Your Business

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating consequences not only on the health of thousands of Americans, but also on the economy as a whole. Many businesses, for instance, especially small family-owned companies, have been forced to shut their doors permanently as a result of pandemic-related restrictions. While the decision to close a business may… Read More »