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Tax Tips For Homeowners

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

While owning a home can be a big responsibility, there are also a number of tax benefits that go along with it. For instance, many homeowners can deduct their house payments, as well as state and local real estate taxes when they file their yearly income tax return. In order to deduct the expenses… Read More »


Splitting A Tax Refund

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Taxpayers have a lot of different choices when it comes to how they receive their federal income tax refunds, one of which is to split the amount among two or three different accounts. Splitting refunds give taxpayers more options for managing their funds. For instance, a taxpayer could send some of the refund to… Read More »


Filing An Identity Theft Affidavit

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

A person is the victim of identity theft when his or her stolen personal identifiable information (PII) is used to open a credit card, purchase a vehicle, obtain a mortgage, or open an account without that person’s consent or knowledge. Tax-related identity theft, on the other hand, occurs when a taxpayer’s information is used… Read More »


The Saver’s Credit Can Help Some Taxpayers Save More In 2023

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Qualifying taxpayers can start saving for their retirements now and may even qualify for The Retirement Savings Contributions Credit. Also known as the Saver’s Credit, this credit offsets funds that an employee voluntarily contributes to an Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA), 401(k) plan, or a similar workplace retirement program. For help determining whether you are… Read More »


Storm Victims In Georgia And Alabama Qualify For Tax Relief

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

A state of emergency has been declared in numerous counties in Alabama and Georgia after parts of the states were struck and devastated by as many as 33 tornadoes last month. These storms destroyed many homes and businesses, flipped damaged countless vehicles, and mangled power lines across the state, leaving many homeless, without power,… Read More »


Reporting Digital Assets To The IRS

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Owning digital assets has become more common in recent years, with the rise of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Like any other source of income, digital asset earnings must be reported to the IRS. For help reporting your own income, or to speak with a member of our legal team about another tax-related question,… Read More »


What Is A Refund Offset?

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

When taxpayers pay too much to the federal or state governments, they are often entitled to a tax refund, or reimbursement for the excess amount. Tax refunds are issued by the Department of Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service (BFS), which is also authorized to reduce taxpayer refunds and offset them to pay other… Read More »


A Tax Return To-Do List

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Taxpayers can start getting ready for the 2023 tax year by taking a few steps now, like donating to charity, checking on their retirement contributions, and setting up direct deposit to receive their tax refunds. These, however, are only a few of the things that taxpayers can do to help them prepare for tax… Read More »


Qualifying For The New Clean Vehicle Credit

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

This year, the IRS is offering a new tax credit to taxpayers who purchase plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) or fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) from qualifying manufacturers. Known as the clean vehicle tax credit, taxpayers will be eligible for the credit if they purchase a new car in 2023 or later. To learn more about… Read More »


California Storm Victims May Qualify For Tax Relief

By Ronald Cutler, P.A. |

Recently, storms have lashed many of the coastal cities in California, which experienced widespread flooding, sinkholes, and the loss of power across the state. The rain has raised water levels across California, where between December 26th and January 9th parts of the state saw more than six times the amount of rain as is… Read More »